Reprocessing plastic

On your website you state:

“Plastic: What happens: plastic is sorted into different grades and then sent to the correct reprocessor where it is turned into new plastic items such as bottles, fleeces and food containers.”

I would be grateful if you could answer the following questions:

> What systems do you use to determine how the “plastic is sorted into different grades”?

Please note that Recycledevon represents Devon County Council, the 8 Districts Authorities within Devon and Torbay Unitary Council. This request and the questions below are being responded to by Devon County Council for the operations under its control only – i.e. the operation of Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCS) (Civic Amenity Sites) only.

At the HWRCs, the public and site staff sort plastic into separate containers.

In relation to the other functions of Recycledevon, we would recommend that you contact the District Councils and Torbay Council for information on their specific activities. Their contact details can be found on our website at:

> How much of the plastic is sent on to “reprocessors” and how much is dealt with by other means, such as landfill waste, incineration or other methods of disposal, by yourself and by other bodies?

Plastics segregated at HWRCs are sent to reprocessors. In 2017/18 1,327 tonnes of plastic waste was sent to reprocessors. We do not record how much unsegregated plastic within general waste is sent to disposal processes.

> What systems do you use to determine who “the correct reprocessor” is?

The contractor operating the HWRCs determine where the material is sent and we therefore do not hold this information.

> Who precisely are the “reprocessors” you send the plastic to? By which I mean: What are the names and exact functions of these “reprocessors”?

• Viridor Rochester PRF
• Mononworld Recycling
• Wastecare
• Regenthill
• Kempenaars
• Empark Recycling Ltd

> What systems do these ‘reprocessors’ use to determine how they then deal with the plastic?

Devon County Council does not hold this information

> What percentages of the “new plastic items” are turned into “bottles, fleeces and food containers” – and other items?

Devon County Council does not hold this information

> What systems do you use to keep track of the plastic to ensure that it is properly dealt with, from it leaving the sorting/ grading process to the final end-use?

Devon County Council do not have any systems in place; this is covered by waste management legislation, the duty of care owed by the parties who are transporting it and the regulation by the Environment Agency.

> Finally: What percentage, if any, leaves our shores?

Devon County Council does not hold this information