Adopt South West IT system

1. Are you already a member of a Regional Adoption Agency (RAA)? Yes/No
2 If yes to Question 1, which authority or agency is delivering the RAA? (Is it led by a specific Local Authority or
a Private or Voluntary Agency?) Please give us the name of the actual LA or Agency.

Devon County Council are acting as hosts for the regionalised adoption agency Adopt South West.

3. Who is the designated lead officer responsible for the Regional Adoption Agency? Name, Role and Email address please.

Kath Drescher – Service Manager –

4. Which LA or Agency is responsible for delivering the IT solution that supports the work of the RAA?

Devon County Council

5. Has the RAA already procured an IT system to support its work? If yes, who is the supplier of that system?

Yes – Eclipse provided by OLM

6. Does this system provide other functionality apart from the RAA? For example, is it part of a wider social care system or is it a specific standalone solution for the activities of a RAA? If it is part of wider system, please tell us which system this is (supplier name) and the authority whose social care system this is.

It is a specific stand alone system for Adopt South West but Devon County Council has implemented a separate Eclipse system for childrens social care.

7. If this is a dedicated RAA system only, what is the value of the contract and the contract period? Please show the purchasing costs / implementation costs and support and maintenance costs separately.

The contract with OLM to create and implement the Eclipse system for Adopt South West was not structured in a way that allows us to split out the costs for the module utilised by Adopt South West from the main implementation of Eclipse for Childrens social care. Further information about overall costs for that can be found in two previous responses :

OLM Eclipse Support and maintenance 

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