Recycling and landfill

1. Please can you provide figures for the year(s) 2016, 2017, 2018 outlining the rates of overall recycling by households in your council area?

We can confirm the following:
2015/16 – 55.1%
2016/17 – 55.7%
2017/18 – 54.0%

2. Please can you also provide figures for the years 2016, 2017, 2018 outlining how much of the items put out to be recycled ended up being sent to a landfill and/or incinerated instead i.e. plastic

We can confirm the following totals which comprised those materials that were contaminants with the recycling materials and pulled out of the recyclate:

2015/16 – 1046 tonnes

2016/17 – 1448 tonnes

2017/18 – 2057 tonnes

3. Please can you confirm how often you run the following services:

A. Garden waste collections 
B. Recyclable waste collections 
C. Household waste collections 

4. Finally, can you please confirm of the three above services listed that you offer to households in your area, whether or not any of these are out sourced to private companies. If yes, please specify which. 

In response to both questions 3 and 4, Devon County Council is not a waste collection authority and we therefore do not hold this information.  Waste collection is the responsibility of district, city and unitary authorities and we would therefore recommend that you contact these authorities.  Their contact details can be found on our website at: