Records management systems and storage

1.What Document / Records management system/s does the council currently use? Please include the supplier/vendor name, software product name and version number.

Supplier/vendor: Microfocus (formerly HP)
Product Name: Records Manager
Version Number: 8.3.3

1.2, What is the current annual cost for the solution?


1.3,What year was the solution first purchased?


1.4 Do you use a separate document management system in any department i.e. HR or Revenues and benefits?

Yes, there are a number of other systems used in some services which could be said to provide some form of document management. However, Devon County Council is not responsible for Revenues and Benefits, that is the responsibility of District and Unitary Councils, please contact them directly using the information on the links provided.

2, Where are physical records / documents stored?

At a number of locations across Devon.

2.1 How many physical records are currently being stored either by supplier or by the council.

We do not hold this information.

2.2 If out sourced with a supplier please provide start/end date and spend for 2018.

Physical records and documents are not outsourced with a supplier, therefore we do not hold this information.

2.3 If managed in-house how much does the council spend annually on physical storage of records? Including any building and staff costs.

There are no additional identified costs for storage as facilities are within existing council premises used for a variety of other purposes and the management of records are dealt with by a range of different staff with varying roles across the organisation so this cannot be specifically identified.

3, Is there any agreements or projects in place to digitise paper records?

No, therefore we do not hold information for 3.1 or 3.2.

3.1 If so, is this being done in-house or by a supplier?

3.2 If by a supplier, please provide details of who and when the contract started.

4, Can you please provide the name and contact details of the member(s) of staff that would look after the above 3 points.

Records management system = Gary Dempster, 01392 38300, ask for by name, email first

Digitisation of paper records = as above

Physical record storage = please contact our Customer Service Centre in the first instance.

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