Radcliffe and Oakland’s Schools

Using the 2000 Act I am seeking copies of all the minutes and supporting documentation pertaining to meetings held during the last 18 months between Senior Staff from the Dawlish Federation of Special Schools (Radcliffe and Oakland’s Schools) and Devon County Council pertaining to the move away from providing a termly boarding provision to a weekly boarding provision at Oakland’s Park School. This may include but not excluded to policy, strategy and financial meetings.

The decision to change the residential options at any school is done in line with statutory guidance as set out by the Department for Education. The process for bringing forward this proposal, in line with this guidance, lies with the Governing Body with the final decision resting with the by the Local Authority. Moving away from termly to weekly provision was part of this current consultation on amalgamation of the two schools and as such is a Governing Body proposal.

It may be the case that documentation is therefore held with the governing body of the schools.

We can confirm that, at Devon County Council, we hold no record of any meetings regarding a general strategic proposal to move away a termly boarding provision.