Racist incidents in schools

How many racist incidents have been reported in schools in your local authority area for the past five years (2014,2015,2016,2017 and 2018 so far)? Please break this down by year and say whether the incident occured in a) primary or b) secondary schools.

Please also say whether the person committing the offence was a) teacher or b) pupil and whether the racism was against a) teacher or b) pupil. I would also be grateful if you could say the age and gender of the people involved if possible without breaching data protection rules.

• How many racist incidents reported in the last five years in schools resulted in action being taken by the school against the perpetrator (eg exclusion/ disciplinary action)? Please break this down by year and say what action was taken.

Number of incidents Secondary
(age 5-11)
Male/FemalePerpetrated by: Pupil/teacherVictim: pupil/teacherExclusions
2018 to date 76344238 m 32 f 6 unknown75 pupils75 pupils * teachers16
201770294147 m 17 f 6 unknown70 pupils69 pupils * teachers9
201648331529 m 14 f 5 unknown48 pupils47 pupils11
201583305331 m 15 f 4 unknown83 pupils83 pupils7
201472432942 m 24 f 6 unknown72 pupils**

* means we hold this information but as disclosure may help to identify individuals and be in breach of Data Protection laws we consider it is exempt under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 Section 40(2) Personal Data.

We hold information for other ages for the table below, but the same exemption applies as above.

Year Age Number

In order to provide advice and assistance there is more information about Bullying Hate and Prejudice Incidents (BHPI) on our public website.