Pupil Exclusion Guidance

“Please provide Internal and External information (Including to AND from schools and other Local Authorities) guidance, advice, policy, direction regarding the interpretation of the statutory guidance on the exclusion of pupils from local-authority-maintained schools, academies and pupil referral units.

Specifically, I would like all information relating to the Local Authority’s view (as expressed via email/publications/memos/internal documents) on whether the Governors’ Disciplinary Committee (GDC) are required to review ALL permanent exclusions OR only those NOT rescinded by the Headteacher.”

Local Authority advice is based on statutory guidance, please refer to the links provided below:-

Department for Education statutory guidance on School Exclusions

The Devon Ladder of Behavioural Intervention

‘No Need to Exclude’ Devon Inclusion Toolkit to support staff in reducing exclusions.

Further information is available on the Education Inclusion Service pages of our website.