Public Rights of Way, Beadon Road, Salcombe

Please can I request copies of the following 3 documents:

1. The report/minutes from the Public Right Of Way committee meeting in January 2003 from Devon County Council that includes Beadon Road, Salcombe (TQ8).

The report and minutes can be viewed here.

2. A report by county footpaths made in 2004 also regarding Beadon Road in Salcombe. We have noted that Cllr Hainey requested this report and discussed it at the Salcombe Town Council meeting held on Wednesday 9th September 2020.

 There is no 2004 report for Salcombe – the Councillor may have said 2004 in error when discussing the January 2003 report, which referred to Beadon Road.

3. A copy of the definitive Map in Salcombe showing the Public Rights of Way, specifically Beadon Road.

The original Definitive Map showing the area in question can be viewed here, and an extract of the digitised working copy of the Definitive Map for the same area, which reflects any legal changes made since the Map was published can be viewed here.

The digitised mapping is also available to view online at