Public liability insurance

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, you are requested to please provide the following:

1. Copies of all commercial Devon County Council and Devon District Council public liability insurance policy certificates with what is covered, policy numbers, providers and underwriters held by Devon County Council and Devon District Council. In particular, make sure anything regarding ‘pollution liability’, ‘policy enhancement’ and ‘schedules of exclusions’ documents in relation to the commercial public liability insurance policy held by Devon County Council and Devon District Council.

A copy of the public liability insurance policy for Devon County Council can be viewed via the link below:


Devon County Council do not hold a certificate for the current policy but we can confirm that a current policy is held in line with the policy details. Our policy number is Y083736QBE0119A

We have interpreted your reference to “Devon District Council” to be a request for information concerning district, city and unitary councils in Devon.  We do not hold this information and we would recommend that you contact these councils direct.  Contact details can be found on our website at:


2. Copies of the ‘certificate of indemnity’ from Devon County Council and Devon District Council that may include the public insurance provider and underwriters, confirming that any injuries, damages or adverse health effects directly or indirectly arising out of, resulting from or contributed to by electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetism, radio waves or noise, wireless RF radiation, microwave radiation, non-ionising radiation-emitting devices, and equipment.

Devon County Council does not hold indemnity under the Council’s public liability policy for the illnesses described. The policy will respond to any claims where the Council has been negligent in their duties, however these potential effects do not fall within these duties. Any claims would need to be made against the organisation creating the “electromagnetic fields”, not the Council.

For example and purely by way of speculation, if it can be proven that an electromagnetic field has been created by 5G then any claims  would need to be directed to the network provider.