Public health nursing contract

Please provide a copy of the specification for the last tender exercise undertaken in respect of your 0 ‘ 19 public health nursing service.

Please provide a copy of the questions used for evaluation purposes for the above tender exercise.

Please provide an anonymised copy of the successful bidder’s submission for the above tender exercise – I am not asking for any financial information relating to the submission.

Please provide anonymised notes of the evaluation process for the successful bidder’s submission on the above tender exercise.

Please send an anonymised copy of the Council’s Regulation 84 report following the above tender exercise.

We do not hold any of this information. The last tender exercise for this service was undertaken between 2011 and 2013 and was led by the then Primary Care Trust. That body has been superseded by the Clinical Commissioning Group who can be contacted directly using the information on the link provided.

The Public Health Nursing Service was brought in-house with effect from 1st April 2019 following a decision by the Devon County Council Cabinet in February 2018. That decision was not a result of a tender or any other form of procurement as local authorities can always choose not to procure.