Public Health Budgets

I would like to please request the following information on the sexual health services council’s commission and provide under FOI legislation:
1 How much do you plan to spend on sexual health services in 2018/19? (Please provide a total figure, this will usually include testing & treatment, contraception, advice and prevention)

The direct spend budget for Sexual Health services for 2018/19 is £6.002m

2 Are you planning to reduce your overall spend on sexual health services (this includes testing and treatment, contraception and prevention) in 18/19? If so, please state how much by including figure and percentage.

No, The budget is increased from the spend in 2017/18 by 2% or £139,134.

3 Are you planning to cut or reduce any sexual health services in 18/19? Please include things such as cuts to psycho sexual counsellors or a reduction in the number of GUM clinics or opening hours or cuts to access to coils and implants in this answer.

There will be no cuts to the availability of any services in 2018/19.

4 How much did you spend on sexual health services for the financial year 17/18?

The outturn figure for direct spend on Sexual Health services is forecast to be


5 Which sexual health services–to include those targeted at prevention—have you cut or reduced since public health budgets were passed on to local councils in 2013/14?

No services have been cut including those targeted at prevention.