Provision of laptops in DCC

I understand that DCC has or is in the process of delivering laptop workstations for the majority of its workforce with a view to enable greater flexibility in homeworking / remote working.

Could you tell me what the total cost of this project is, its scope and the perceived benefits.


The Windows 10 Project Budget is £4.3 million of which £3.2 million to date has been spent on the purchase of new devices and peripherals for Devon County Council (DCC). DCC’s current headcount of staff is 4,337.

The scope of the project is to:

  • Provide staff with a new device (primarily laptops) to allow them to work in a flexible and agile way. This replaces existing desktop devices (between 7 – 10 years old).
  • Upgrade the Windows operating system from Windows 7 to Windows 10
  • Implement Direct Access to allow a more efficient and streamlined way of connecting to secure DCC systems.

The benefits of the project are:

  • To ensure the security of DCC data and systems, by ensuring we are running an up to date operating system
  • To provide staff with faster, portable and fit for purpose devices with significantly faster log on times
  • To provide the ability for staff to connect seamlessly, where there is a suitable connection.
  • To provide the ability for staff to work away from the office and where there is no network connectivity (offline)
  • This project has enabled a multi-million pound saving property rationalisation programme by allowing staff to work flexibly.
  • To provide the foundation for cloud based modernised working tools eg Skype for Business, Office 365.