Private Hospital Schools

How many independent hospital schools or independent schools that cater for medical needs (privately funded and run) are there in the LA? (Am not talking about independent special needs schools. Am also not talking about academies or free schools, just privately run and funded).


2. What are their names, please.


3. How many pupils were sent to independent hospital/medical needs schools in 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16, and 2016-17, broken down by year, please?


4. Who is commissioning those places – the LA, or schools? Please explain.


5. How much did it cost for the LA to fund those places in independent, private hospital school provision in each of those years?


6. How much did each pupil cost to the LA to send into private hospital schools/medical needs schools on average for each of those years?


7. How many local authority-run hospital schools/medical needs schools are in the LA?


8. How many pupils were sent to the local authority-run hospital schools/medical needs schools in each of the years 2011-12 all the way through to 2016-17? Broken down by year?

Academic year No of Pupils
 2011/12  568
 2012/13  661
 2013/14  702
 2014/15  692
 2015/16  807
 2016/17  695 (but still 5 weeks to go in summer term)

Data source: school census returns collected during the academic years
Devon Hospital Short Stay School completed annual returns for 2011/12 and 2012/13 and commenced termly census returns from 2013/14, hence the rise in numbers.

9. How much does a place at the local authority-run hospital school or medical needs school cost on average?

The total cost to the LA for the R D & E Hospital School is £292,000. It will be very difficult to calculate an average cost per place as the pupils will not be full time and the amount of time they access education may differ for each individual. We do not hold financial information on individual places as the funding covers the whole provision.

10. Why or under what circumstances does the LA send pupils into private hospital schools/medical needs schools?

The LA currently does not send pupils to private hospital or medical needs schools but if a child is placed in a private hospital school by a third agency (eg by CAMHS) then we do support the cost of Education in line with our duty to provide an education for all children.