Private Construction Contractors

Does your council engage any private construction contractors to deliver craft work (construction trade operative)?


If so which companies are engaged? What council contracts are they delivering? And when do these contract(s) expire?

The Council has a three arrangement through which it engages construction trade operatives covering construction related projects.

The Devon Maintenance Partnership is a Framework Agreement for property maintenance for projects typically up to £5,000 and by exception up to £25,000 and expires at the end of March 2024 with a break clause at the Council’s discretion to close the arrangement after 2 years. List of appointed contractors

The Devon and Somerset Standing List of Approved Contractors is used to select contractors to bid for maintenance, improvement and building Works up to £2,000,000. The arrangement runs until the end of March 2022 with an option on the part of the Council to extend the arrangement by a further two years until March 2024.

For projects over £2m the Council utilises the Southern Construction Framework (SCF) (Lot 1 – South West) to procure it projects. The SCF expires in April 2023.

There are, at any one time, a number of ongoing projects that involve construction trade operatives which range from a few hours to a number of months and / or years in duration depending on the mix of projects at the time.

For information the Council utilises portal to advertise and administer its procurements and when the arrangements expire any successor arrangements are likely to be advertised through the portal at the time.