Prison library books borrowed – 2010-2018

To assist with PhD research studies related to the use of prison libraries in England and wales could you please provide the following information regarding the use of the prison library at HMP Channings Wood.

1. How many individuals used the library each year 2010-2018

2. How many books in total were borrowed from the prison library for each year 2010-2018

3. How many fiction novels were borrowed each year 2010-2018

4. What were the most 50 borrowed fiction novels for each year 2010-2018

5. How many times were each of the top 50 borrowed novels issued each year 2010-2018

Devon County Council do not hold this information.   Libraries Unlimited who run the library service for Devon County Council no longer run the prison service library for the Ministry of Justice and therefore do not hold the information.  We therefore recommend that you contact the Ministry of Justice.  Their contact details can be found on their website at:

Ministry of Justice