Primary school vacancies and admissions 2020

Provide a list of number of primary school vacancies in your local authority, broken down by year group, as at the end of Autumn term 2020 (or a suitably recent date). 

Provide the information in spreadsheet form (‘.xlsx’), with the following column headings:


* School name

* The most recent Ofsted rating

* Census date/as-at date of the vacancies

* Latest number of school vacancies by year group:

* Reception

* Year 1

* Year 2

* Year 3

* Year 4

* Year 5

* Year 6

If you do not hold vacancy information for certain schools (eg if they handle their own admissions), please provide a list of such schools that you cannot provide the information.

We do not publish details of vacancies, therefore, this information is not held.

Vacancies are determined by looking at the number on roll against the published admission number (PAN). The pan is only relevant for the point of entry into the school, so for Primary and Infant schools the PAN is applicable for Reception year only and for secondary schools it is only for year 7 only.

The latest Ofsted rating is published data and can be view from the GOV.UK website School Inspections