Primary school places available

Please provide the total number of places for pupils to enter school in the Exeter area, including Broadclyst, Silverton, and Cranbrook for the 2018/19 acedemic year

The planned admission numbers, being the total available number of places, total:

Exeter 1,321
Broadclyst Primary 60
Silverton primary 20
Cranbrook Education Campus 60
St Martins C of E Primary,
Cranbrook 60

How many applications for places have you received for the same year for the same area

We have only included information on 1st choices as at 30 January 2018. These numbers will change in the future either due to change in preference, late applications or preferences from outside of Devon Local Authority.

Exeter 1,217
Broadclyst Primary 73
Silverton Primary 10
Cranbrook Education Campus 56
St Martins C of E Primary,
Cranbrook 37

Whilst you have not requested the similar total for West Clyst School, we are happy to provide this total, given your question below: 31

How many places have been made available at The new West Clyst School for the same year.