Primary School Placement and Transport – Annual Costs

1. I would like request the annual cost to the local authority of a primary school aged child placement at each of the below named specialist schools:-

Orchard Manor School, Dawlish
Lampard Community School, Barnstaple
Selworthy School, Taunton
ACE Exeter

Placements at special schools are funded by the High Needs block of the Dedicated Schools Grant.

The first £10,000 is paid for the planned place and the following is the top up payable per annum for each placement.

The Lampard Community School – £8,688

Orchard Manor – £13,841

Residential placements at Orchard Manor are an additional £31,325 per annum.

Selworthy School, Taunton – £15,726 per place. Funding rates set by Somerset County Council.

ACE – no cost to Devon County Council.

2. I would also like to request the transport cost (as I understand it this is usually arranged by LA through the use of taxis) to and from the postcode EX16 6BB to the listed schools.

School Dedicated Transport Linked with existing transport

Orchard Manor School, Dawlish


£120.00 per day No additional cost

Lampard Community School, Barnstaple


£110.00 per day £10.00 per day

Selworthy School, Taunton


£100,00 per day £30.00 per day
ACE, Exeter £100.00 per day No additional cost
  • The above costs are based on the current availability of transport operators and the prices are, therefore, an estimate
  • The price does not take into account any additional needs of the passenger being transported which may affect the type of suitable transport required
  • Dependent on the needs of the child being transported, any links with existing transport would be considered before a separate vehicle is commissioned.
  • Prices for linking with existing transport is based on the current network and this may change as the location of other passengers changes
  • Costs given are the rate per day.  The annual amount would be based on operating 190 academic days per year, assuming full time attendance

3. I would also like the cost to LA to place a child within mainstream school particularly Castle Primary School, Tiverton

The Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG) attracts funding based on pupil numbers and other funding factors as at the census date. To calculate funding rates, we would refer you to the on-line school budget calculator.  The school number for Castle Primary School, Tiverton, is 2720. The schools block tab gives funding rates.