Powderham Cycle Bridge

1. Who drew up the plans for the cycle bridge?  

Devon County Council

2. What date was the bridge given planning approval?  


3. Which company built the bridge?  

Main Contractor ‘Dawnus Construction’, Bridge Fabricator ‘Britton Fabrications Ltd’

4. Who has overseen and currently oversees current health and safety issues with regards to the bridge? 

Devon County Council

There have been a number of alterations over the past few years to the bridge, including the instalment and subsequent removal of two bollards at the northern and southern section of the bridge.  

Provide the planning applications and dates of these and all other amendments to the bridges’ design since its initial opening?  

Planning permission was not required for the changes to the bridge. The changes that have been made include,

  1. The installation of the bollards in 2015 prior to 14th September,
  2. The removal of the bollards after 17th September 2019
  3. Resurfacing of the holes left by the bollards after 17th September 2019

If the exact dates are required, please let us know and we will carry out a detailed search of the works records to establish as close as we can to the actual works date. 

5. Who currently maintains the bridge to ensure it is compliant with health and safety regulations at all times?  

Devon County Council