Potholes on Mortonhampstead to Dunsford road and Topsham Road

On Mortonhampstead to Dunsford road above RiverTeign in July 2015 (Incident on 18th July 2015)

Topsham Road outbound, near Matford Lane / County Hall in December 2016 (incident on 8th December 2016)

I am not concerned with making any claim only to establish what happened exactly and why, any claim can be sorted out by my insurers, if there was a significant pot hole in the road on two occasions that the two incidents it would explain the damage to my vehicle.

So we’re there potholes at the time in the areas mentioned at the time? The more detail you can provide the better!

Devon County Council have interpreted your request to be a query with regard to any reported potholes on the roads you have referred to in July 2015 or December 2016.

We can confirm that with reference to the reports that Devon County Council hold, no potholes were identified.

We reviewed the reports for the Mortonhampstead to Dunsford road above the River Teign for the month of July 2015.

We also reviewed the reports for a 50 metre radius on Topsham Road, Exeter near Matford Lane and County Hall for the month of December 2016.