Potholes at Blackawton Parish


“I am writing on behalf of Blackawton Parish Council to ask if it is possible to output a report of potholes which have been reported in the Parish – as, for example, a spreadsheet or a text document.

The question I have been asked to look into is whether it is possible to produce a report from that system – perhaps a spreadsheet or a document?”


Devon County Council (DCC) does not currently hold this data in a format that it can report as requested. It would be possible for the data to be generated but it is worth noting that the accuracy of the data may be called into question; for instance, 10 pothole reports on a road doesn’t always mean that 10 potholes exist; these reports can also be duplicated given the timescales for repairs to be undertaken.

DCC would be able to categorise by parish, road name, postcode or map reference. Most are referenced by National Street Gazateer road names.