Pothole repair contracting, inspections and methods

Due to the spate of potholes and gullies being damaged by the inclement weather, by wear and tear and by poor maintenance of the roads etc, can you please provide me with the following information? 

1) What was the process for choosing your contractor for repair of potholes etc?

Formal EU tender

2) What is the standard set for the contractor for repair to potholes?

The standard is laid down in the pothole specification.

Response time details are now specified in the Highway Safety Policy.

3) Is there a multiple step process? (ie; does the contractor first patch and then fully repair, or is it just to patch?)

The intention is a first time repair but many factors such as weather, road condition, traffic management may require a temporary repair

4) Who inspects their work?

The contractor and Devon County Council audit approximately 5% of repairs to defects.

5) What penalties are in place for the failure to do work to a suitable standard?

The contractor is required to carry out remedial works at their expense.

6) Does the contractor provide guarantees on the quality of the work?

This depends upon the work type ,there are various guarantee periods depending on the nature of work, a pothole for instance is up to a year but this would depend on the quality of the existing road surface.

7) What is the normal turnaround time between reporting and repair – whether patched or fully repaired?

Normal safety defect repair times are provided in the Highway Safety Manual

8) Does the council get charged for both a patch and then full repair?

A patch is the repair. Devon County Council pays for all repairs regardless of the nature of the repair.

9) If so, what methodologies for repair have the council agreed to, and are they being met?

The specification provided to the contractor, a small percentage of checks are undertaken to ensure compliance and should this not be the case remedial works are undertaken at the contractors expense

Please see the response to Question 8.

10) Where an inadequate repair has been made and the resultant re-establishing of a pothole damages a vehicle, who is liable for compensation?

If this can be proven the contractor is liable.