Pothole repair Topsham Road


This request relates to a recent pothole repair on the Topsham Road Exeter, travelling from Topsham, Exeter bound. The site of the pothole was on the Topsham Road Exeter at the traffic light junction with Admiral Way and Higher Weir Road. I believe the repair took place week commencing Mon 30 Jan 2017. I request the survey records of this pothole. In particular I would also request as to when the Council were first made aware of the defect? What action did the Council take?


Normal safety inspections were undertaken on the following dates but no defects were recorded relating to this pothole.


We were first made aware of this issue on 21/11/16. No action was taken at this point as it was not a defect in accordance with the Highway Safety Inspection Manual.

A maintenance repair was carried out between 30/01/17 and 02/02/17 using a utility company lane closure to minimise any future disruption as the pothole would have become a safety defect in the foreseeable future.