Pothole numbers and spend – 2017 to date

* Please can you tell me how many individual potholes you have identified or had reported to you since January 2017? 

We can confirm that the following figures are for all potholes identified during routine safety inspections and reported to us through our online reporting facility for each completed half year:

Half Year Number of Potholes
January-June 2017 26,562
July-December 2017 22,233
January-June 2018 47,466
July-December 2018 24,157
January-June 2019 27,361


* Please can you also provide me with your annual spend on pothole repairs since January 2017? 

We can confirm that the following costs are for all potholes defect repairs that Devon County Council have paid for in the timeframe specified.

We should clarify that this does not include defects that have been completed more recently that we have yet to be billed for.  Further, for defects completed between January 1st and March 31st 2017, at which point our term maintenance contractor was different, an average repair value per defect has been applied, as this actual payment information for this time period is no longer available on our system.

Half Year Cost
January-June 2017 £1,474,359.00
July-December 2017 £1,356,669.00
January-June 2018 £2,840,194.00
July-December 2018 £1,494,282.00
January-June 2019 £1,927,767.00