Pothole damage claims – Torridge

1. How many pending claims do you have for damage to cars in the Torridge District area caused by potholes?

For 2021, we have 70 claims either waiting to be processed or have been passed to the insurance team for consideration.

2. How many claims did you have in the 2019 to 2020 year?

73 claims received for incidents which occurred in the North Devon area during this calendar year.  For clarification, this area will go beyond Torridge.

3. Of those claims how many were successful and the total cost the council paid out for damages.

21 claims were settled at a cost of £5,807

4. The number of reported potholes in the Torridge area you need to repair.

Potholes reported 2019/20: 10609
Potholes completed 2019/20: 10164

For clarification, the difference between the two figures is due to duplicate reports of the same pothole and, on other occasions,  potholes which we do not need to repair under our Highway Safety Policy