Planning Approvals for Renewable Energy Projects


“We wish to receive details of Planning Approvals in the past three years for renewable energy projects, including:

– Wind Turbines
– Anaerobic Digestors
– Solar pv Farms
– Large-scale Biofuel/Biomass Boilers
– Ground Source/Air Source Heat Pumps

The specific details we are seeking on each program, (aside from the approval) is the name, address and contact details (Tel, mob, e-mail) of the recipient.”



Please note that most planning applications for renewable energy projects will be directed to the relevant District/Unitary Council, as the relevant planning authority, rather than to Devon County Council (DCC).  In the interests of providing advice and assistance, contact details are provided here for District and Unitary councils in Devon.

Any applications directed to Devon County Council (DCC) will, in general, be those relating to our planning responsibility for waste issues (eg. anaerobic digestion).

This information is publicly available on our website within the planning pages here

If you click on this link, it will take you through to the advanced search pages, from where you can search on the proposal and description and it will show you application details.  For anaerobic digestion plants, try typing ‘digestion’ and these will come up.


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