Planning and Complaints Relating to Knowle Quarry, Okehampton

I would like all data pertaining to the operations at Knowle Quarry, North Road Industrial Estate, Okehampton EX20 1RQ to establish legality of operations, to include complaints made against said business. Items of significant interest – pollution, noise and environmental and planning.

The current planning permission decision notice for Knowle Quarry, website along with all other documents relating to that permission are publicly available through Devon County Council website under the ‘Associated Documents’ tab.

Monitoring reports for Knowle Quarry are publicly available on this webpage by clicking on ‘Minerals’ and scrolling towards the foot of the webpage.

The 1997 planning permission for the previous concrete batching plant is also on the Devon County Council website.

The confirmation of permitted development dated 14/11/2019 and associated documents are available on the Devon County Council website.

Regarding the height of the concrete plant, Devon County Council were originally advised that the replacement plant would be 13.9m high. Therefore, the Council was able to advise that the replacement plant would not require planning permission and would fall under the permitted development rights.

It was discovered at the end of 2020 that the measurement taken was incorrect. The error was due to the Council not taking the concrete slab that the silo is situated on into account when taking the measurements.

The correct height of the silo is 15.1m. Once the height of the silo had been investigated further, the Council was able to determine the correct height.

Documents detailing complaints received are available on the Devon County Council website.

The request asks for information relating to “pollution… and environmental” – the pollution control authority is the Environment Agency, and the Environmental Permit is the responsibility either of that Agency or West Devon Borough Council, so the requestor should be advised to contact those authorities for further information on those aspects of the request.