Placement Rates for Pupils with SEBD

“I would like to use the Freedom of Information Act for the following questions.
What is the a funding for learners referred to alternative provision as follows:

Children Missing education –

Full-time placements for Pupils with SEBD.

Funding does not differ according to a pupil’s Special Education Needs (SEND) status . The Alternative Provision (AP) Academy are funded £22,650 for Excluded pupils and Exceptional Circumstances placements and £18,000 for those placed into AP Medical provision (previously Medical and Emotional). SEBD (Social Emotional and Behaviour Difficulties) is now referred to as SEMH – Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs.

What is the daily placement rate for the above ?

The daily placement rate assumes a 38 week academic year and excludes fixed costs which include ‘planned place’ funding (£10,000 per annum per planned place) ,meaning the cost of an AP place would be £67 per day if it were paid on a daily rate or £119 if you include the fixed cost in the daily rate.

AP Medical placements are paid on a block contract so incremental cost per placements only apply if the overall planed numbers are exceeded.

Notionally this amounts to £18,000 / 38 week / 5 days = £95 per day. AP £119 and Medical Placement £95.

What is the top up funding for additional needs for above pupils including Looked After children (LAC)?

The funding rates above include the element 3 top up which reflects the more complex needs of AP pupils (see funding guidance for AP).  There are no variances in top ups identified for No variance in top ups for identified AP or LAC so funding as above £12,650 = AP Top up rate per annum.

What is the annual funding for EAL pupils In Alternative provision?

There are no variances in top ups for education pupils in Alternative Provision so funding is :

Annual = £22,650 = AP planned place +top up rate

What are the LOTS that pupils are categorised Into and the funding annually ?”

We were not able to interpret this question to identify the information required and have asked for clarification.