Photocell lighting system – Moretonhampstead

I would like to request details of the photocell lighting system that has recently been installed by SSE contractors on the new LED streetlights in Moretonhampstead, TQ13.

* The NAME and MANUFACTURER of the photocells installed on the streetlights in Moretonhampstead –

Lucy Zodion Z Cells

* HOW these cells operate –

By using light sensors to react to the lux levels, set on a 35/18 switch therefore on at 18 Lux off at 35 Lux, timers allow the cell to cater to the time change during BST

* The NAME and MANUFACTURER of the LED lights –

Urbis Schreder Axia 3.1 or Ampera luminaires

* What contractor installed them –

SSE Contracting

* Why the streetlights were changed to LED from sodium bulbs –

To help achieve the County’s carbon reduction plan (part of the climate emergency response), reduce energy costs, reduce maintenance issues and maintenance visits, reduce light spill, provide a greater control of light and improve the colour rendering

* Any future plans to install other types of cell or light in Moretonhampstead –

The remaining post top lanterns will be changed to LED over the next year