Permanent exclusions from schools – weapons

1. Can you state how many children within your authority were (i) given a fixed period exclusion, and (ii) permanently excluded from school because of their involvement with a weapon of any description in the 2019/20 academic year?
2. Please could you provide me with a one line summary of each incident referred to in Question 1 detailing (i) what the weapon was, (ii) if it was used or whether it was brandished, (iii) who the victim was ‘ pupil, teacher or member of the public.

Devon County Council use the Department for Education (DfE) categories to record exclusions and therefore does not hold this information. This specific information may be held by individual schools and we would therefore recommend that you contact the schools for further information. Their contact details can be found on our website at  Devon Schools

To assist you, these are the permanent exclusion categories used by the DfE:
Physical assault against a pupil
Physical assault against an adult
Verbal abuse/ threatening behaviour against a pupil
Verbal abuse/ threatening behaviour against an adult
Racist abuse
Sexual misconduct
Drug and alcohol related
Persistent disruptive behaviour

Published information is available online from the Department of Education at Schools exclusion but this will only provide limited information. Currently information is only available up to the academic year 2018/19.

Devon County Council does not hold this information