People who have died while waiting for a social care package

1. The number of people who have died while waiting for a social care package to commence, after an assessment has been made

Devon County Council is unable to confirm or deny whether we hold information meeting the scope of this question. This is because we are not able extract this information easily from our systems. We estimate that to confirm or deny if any person has died in the circumstances you have outlined, would take greater than the 18 hours we are obliged to spend answering a Freedom of Information request. Therefore, we consider that Section 12 of the Freedom of Information Act applies (cost of compliance would exceed the appropriate limit).

In the interest of providing you with advice and assistance please note that the Council is not aware of any people who have died in the circumstances outlined in your request.

2. The number of people who waited more than a year, or who have been waiting more than a year for a social care package to commence


3. In the week of August 28 to September 3, 2017, how many hours of agreed social care went unmet (i.e. hours contained on entire care plans which were not able to started or extra hours that were needed on existing care plans but were unable to be added).

There were 300 hours of unmet regulated personal care during the week starting 28/08/17. This figure is approximately 0.8% of the 35881 hours of regulated personal care delivered by Devon County Council during the same period. Devon County Council risk assesses all unmet needs and alternative support arrangements are put in place.