Pensions Investments Request

On behalf of PitchBook Data, Inc., under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, I request a copy of the quarterly public records from Q2 2017 of the following information at the partnership level, preferably in Excel or PDF format:

1. Names and vintage years of all private equity, venture capital, mezzanine, distressed, real estate/REIT, debt and infrastructure partnerships in Devon County Council Pension Fund’s portfolio.
2. Commitments made to each partnership.
3. Contributions drawn down since inception.
4. Distributions made to Devon County Council Pension Fund to date by each individual partnership.
5. Net Asset Value of each partnership.
6. Internal rates of return (IRRs) for each partnership. Please note if the IRRs are not net.
7. Investment multiple (TV/PI) for each individual partnership.
8. The dollar amount of ‘total management fees and costs paid’ for each individual partnership.
9. Date as of which all the above data was calculated.
10. Names of all alternative asset partnerships partially and fully sold by Devon County Council Pension Fund, including date of sale.


Please find attached our response via the link below: