Pension Fund Transactions, Policy and Process

“Please supply all currency or foreign exchange transactions since January 2019 executed on behalf of the Pension Scheme through all its relationships, including custodians, asset managers employed by the scheme and through segregated mandates.  Also, corresponding trade dates, trade times, the relevant FX pair, the amount of the transaction, whether it was a buy or sell order, the value date of the transactions and the executed exchange rate.

Please refer to the Pension Fund Spreadsheet.

The scheme’s policy document for managing foreign exchange transactions and foreign exchange costs. If you don’t have a policy please say so.

The Scheme does not have a policy document.

When you’re invested in a Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) pool, please carve-out your portion of the flow.

Brunel Pension Partnership have informed us that they have not carried out any Foreign Exchange transactions on behalf of their clients.

The list of managers the scheme uses and the criteria for assessing and comparing managers’ foreign exchange costs.  If you don’t have a foreign exchange cost evaluation criteria, please say so.

A list of the Devon Pension Fund’s appointed investment managers can be found in the Pension Fund’s Annual Report.  Foreign Exchange costs would have been considered as part of the procurement process when the managers were appointed, but the criteria would have been determined at the time.  We do not hold set cost evaluation criteria.

When trading is done through a custodian or a segregated mandate, the policy the scheme has for assessing foreign exchange costs

The vast majority of trading is done by the Fund’s appointed investment managers. We would expect them to have robust processes for assessing foreign exchange costs, and we would review that with them from time to time.