Penalty notices

I am writing to try to understand what kind of data is available through the Freedom of Information Act. The following questions refer to numbers breakdown by level of education (primary, secondary, alternative provision or special school) and type of school (community schools, foundation and voluntary schools, academy and grammar schools).

1. Could you provide data on the number of the penalty notice issued, breakdown by reasons (e.g., holiday/truancy sweep/persistently late…)?

Ideally, I would like to obtain the above data on a half-term basis during the period 2009/10 to 2017/18. If half-term is not possible, what is the frequency of the data that you are able to provide (e.g., termly, yearly…)?

For the same time period (2009/10 to 2017/18), I would also like to know:

2. the number of unpaid vs. paid penalties?
3. how many penalties are withdrawn?
4. how many unpaid penalties lead to prosecution?

We can confirm that much of this information is available online via the Office of National Statistics (ONS). Specifically, the data can be seen for all local authorities via the link below:

Information prior to the to the academic year 2012/13 is not held either by the Office of National Statistics or Devon County Council.

For the year 2017/18, this information has not yet been provided to the ONS. We can confirm that 2021 penalty notices were issued during this academic year.

At last, in case the Code of Conduct for Penalty Notice being revised or updated, is it possible to obtain all the historical versions of the Code of Conduct for Penalty Notices?

A copy of the only code of conduct for penalty notices available is available via the link below:


Which year was this code of conduct made?