Penalty Notice

Could I please have a copy of the delegation in writing to “The Penalty Notice Officer” from the Head of Education & Learning of the power to issue “Penalty Notices” referred to in the last entry for the Head of Education & Learning in “B. INDIVIDUAL DELEGATIONS” of your Constitution?

Devon County Council’s constitution delegates the responsibility for the issuing of Penalty Notices to the Head of Education and Learning. The constitution further provides under Part 3c as follows:

“A Chief Officer or Head of Service (as defined in the Council’s pay Policy Statement at Part 6 of the Constitution) is empowered to make all the day-to-day decisions which relate to the efficient discharge of the Council’s statutory functions and which are within the directorate or management responsibilities identified in his or her terms of appointment and for this purpose may authorise an officer in his/her Service to make any such decision on his/her behalf”.

The Head of Education and Learning has employed a Penalty notice officer to carry out this function and has authorised them to issue Penalty Notices within the terms of their appointment.

May I also have a copy of any proforma, model, precedent, template, or other standard version you hold for penalty notices under s. 444A of the Education Act 1996

Please see attached: