Pedestrian crossing – Exeter Road, Teignmouth

In light of the ongoing risk to health of pedestrians at the crossing….

1) Please provide all correspondence between councillors at Town, District and County and officers in relation to this pedestrian crossing location between June 2017 and present.

The correspondence can be viewed via the link below:


2) Please provide any reports by officers regarding this pedestrian Crossing location for the same period, including a write-up of the public meeting which was convened at the location of the crossing .

We do not hold this information as no Devon County Council officers wrote reports regarding this crossing during the time period. Devon County Council were not the organiser of the meeting; instead we would recommend that you contact Teignmouth Town Council for records of the meeting.  Their contact details can be found on their website at:

3) Please detail any plans for monitoring this pedestrian crossing location made by officers.

The site will be monitored through the Casualty Severity Reduction programme CSR (Cluster sites). This is an annual review of reported injury collisions from the preceding five years of data, this is normally carried out in May/June when the latest year’s casualty data has been validated. The criteria used over the last few years is 5 recorded collisions in 5 years. Each identified site will be reviewed and a priority list of sites will be identified for possible intervention measures.

4) Please detail the number and type of queries raised by members of the public about this pedestrian crossing location for the same period identifying which relate to reports on near misses and/or are personal safety related.

We can confirm that two queries have been raised.  Full details can be on the reports which can read via the link below:


We should clarify that the names and details of the members of public have been redacted in the reports as this is personal data which is exempt from disclosure pursuant to s.40(2) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

5) What action has the council taken in respect of the crossing to date?

Speed data has been collected by Devon County Council as requested at the public meeting