Payments for Tawstock Parish

Can you provide the following information regarding the listed s106 payments for Tawstock Parish.

1. Have the funds been collected? If so
2. Have the funds been allocated towards the projects listed?
3. If spent. Details of where the funds have been spent?
4. Are any of the funds unspent and therefore being held by DCC?

56232 Chichester/Sandringham Gardens Footpath/Cycleway West side OTR from Windsor Gardens to Gratton Way £24,687, Highway Corridor B3233/B3125/A39 £66,260
60845 Clarendon Gardens Footpath/Cycleway West side Old Torrington Road/A3125 Windsor Gardens £15,782, Highway junctions OTR/A3125 Wrey Roundabout and/or B3233/B3125 Cedars Roundabout £32,585

In response to the above queries and regarding the two planning references, we can confirm the following:

Planning app 56232

Footpath/cycleway £23,000 plus indexation = £ 24,687.25 invoiced 26/01/18, paid 29/03/18
Highway corridor contribution £61,372 plus indexation = £66,260,.60 invoiced 26/01/18, paid 29/03/18

Total £90,947.85

None of this has been spent with an expiry date of 29/03/2028

Planning app 60845

A contribution cannot be found under this particular planning reference and we therefore hold no information.