Pay and Grading Structure and Pay Spine 2019

1. “Please provide the pay and grading structure used by your authority for NJC/GLPC workers only, including any local extension of the pay spine.

A link to our published Salary rates and scales is provided.

2. Please provide the basic pay and gender distribution of NJC/GLPC workers only employed by your local authority for each pay point you use, including any local extension of the pay spine. Please do not include school support staff employed by schools.

For the gender distribution for each individual pay point please include the distribution between Full time and Part time + Full Time Equivalent”

The requested information can be viewed on this spreadsheet.  Please note that the tabs for Plymouth and Torbay are where staff have been TUPE’d across; salary scales therefore do not correlate.

In addition, gender information can be found on page 9 of our HR Dashboard.