Pay and Display Machines

The Government announced the new £1 coin on the 19th March 2014. When did Devon County Council engage contractors to alter its Pay and Display machines?

Whilst announcements were made in relation to new currency some time ago, it was the authorities view that a full assessment of the pay & display asset was needed before placing an order with our contractors, i.e. to identify exactly which machines would be operational at the point when the currency changes over 

Why was this not done before the new coins issue on 28th March 2017, over 3 years later?  

The period of co-circulation being available to Authorities to carry out the required changes was 28th March to 15th October 2017.

Why was this not done by 24th July 2017?

It was felt that we placed the order with contractors to provide adequate time to complete the updates to machines. Whilst the point when the “new” £1 outnumbered the “old” occurred earlier than many had predicted, updates have been completed for the end of August, well in advance of the 15th October when the old £1 coin ceases to be legal currency.