Pavement Licence for Erection of Scaffolding in South Molton


The information I am requesting relates to Hendra House, 105 East Street, SOUTH MOLTON Devon EX36 3DB.

I recognise and will understand if the relevant records have not have been retained for the whole of the period highlighted.

My questions are:-

Since 1998, has a pavement licence authorising the erection of scaffolding outside of the above property been issued by Devon County Council?

If such a licence has been granted, to whom was the licence granted?

What was the fee paid for each relevant licence?

Was any licence fee subjected to Value Added Tax?

What were the specific dates for which any scaffold pavement licence was granted?

If during the period 1998 to today’s date, Devon County Council was not the relevant licensing authority for scaffold pavement licences, can I be provided with contact details if the relevant authority?



Devon County Council (DCC) does not appear to have had any applications at the specified location since 2007.  Prior to 2007 no records are held.

Please note that DCC would only hold licence information for scaffolding which impinges on the public highway.  In the interests of providing advice and assistance, please refer to the link provided below:-