Parkland, Wood Pasture and Veteran Tree Sites in Devon


“I’m trying to find a document that Devon County Council published entitled: ‘Provisional Inventory of Parkland, Wood Pasture and Veteran Tree Sites in Devon’. It was written by Keith Alexander. Would it be possible to obtain a copy (preferably as pdf)?”



Devon County Council (DCC) commissioned the production of the ‘Provisional Inventory of Parkland, Wood Pasture and Veteran Tree Sites in Devon’ though Dr Keith Alexander. The document was finalised in March 2007. Whilst never formally published, the documented was intended to collate and improve upon the collective knowledge of concentrations of veteran trees throughout the county; on this basis, a copy of the final document was lodged with the Devon Biodiversity Record Centre (DBRC), which provides the main repository for ecological records relating to Devon. More complete and up to date listings of parkland, wood pasture and veteran tree locations in Devon will be available through DBRC. However, in response to your specific request, a copy of this report is available in pdf format here.


I should point out that this document has been edited under Section 40(2) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 – ‘Personal Information’ to remove details relating to land owning interests from each of the site survey card record sheets in Appendix 1, as we deem that release of this information would be unfair and would breach the 1st Data Protection principle.




If you wish to speak with someone regarding the above request, please contact the Information Governance Team on 01392 383000 – ask for information governance – or email


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