Parking permit contraventions and appeals – Zone B Totnes

Q1. Under FOI legislation, please could you tell me how many alleged contraventions were made to Penalty Charge Notices around the issue of Visitor Parking Permits having ‘an invalid virtual permit or displaying an invalid physical permit or voucher or pay and display ticket, or after the expiry of paid for time’. code: 19 in the previous 12 months in Zone B /Totnes.

6 were issued between the 16/12/2019 and 16/12/2020 that match the criteria of your question.

Q2. What number during the same time period were in relation to Visitor Parking Permits and the person appealing claiming that the Permit was scratched but your Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) didn’t see this clearly?


Q3. Are your Civil Enforcement Officers issued with ‘targets’? If so, what are the targets?