Parking fines and appeals

I would like to request the number of parking fines issued in the council’s name over the last three years (from January 1, 2014 – January 1, 2017) broken down by year. Could you please also provide:
– The number of appeals made against these fines, both successful and unsuccessful, broken down by year.
– The total income made from the fines, broken down by year.
– The top three most common reasons for a successful appeal.
– The average fine paid during this period.


Penalty charge

notices issued

IncomeSuccessful appealsUnsuccessful appeals Average amount of fine
 2014 44293£2,046,728.76 4676 3321 £65.57
 2015 68055£2,998,118.10 5606 8401 £66.88
 2016 68673£3,028,364.38 5171 8104 £65.97

The top three reasons for successful appeals in each year were:

  • evidence received
  • first offence
  • mitigating circumstances

More information on this topic is published on our Parking page on the Devon County Council public website.