Overgrown Pavement Clearing

“Please provide me with the following information in relation to your current overgrown pavement clearing operation:

Who currently holds the contract
Who are the decision makers for these contracts
What does the county council pay per linear metre to clear overgrown pavements
What is the county’s annual budget for clearing overgrown pavements
How many metres of rural pavement has not been cleared in the past 10 years
How many metres of rural pavement does the county have on a rolling maintenance plan if such a plan exist.”

The current situation regarding clearing overgrown pavements is summarised in this Report to Scrutiny and Weed Policy approved by Cabinet in 2015.

As you will see from the above two documents, there is no specific contract and no specific budget, except for our Community Payback Budget which currently stands at £20,000 per annum .
We do not hold records of the length of rural pavement cleared by Community Payback.  Such works may also be undertaken through Community Self Help, and parish and town councils can apply through our Highway Maintenance Community Enhancement Fund for support.  We do not hold records of the length of rural pavement cleared by Community Self Help initiatives.

Within Exeter, Exeter City Council and Devon County Council have had an Agreement in place since 2015 to jointly fund grass and vegetation management in the City. This service is delivered by Exeter City Council, including a weed spraying contract. Please contact them directly using the information on the link provided.