Mobile Phone contract

If there is more than one provider split all the information, including the annual average spend, number of connections, duration, contract dates and internal contact details.

1. Network Provider(s) – provide the network provider name e.g. EE, Telefonica, Vodafone, Three  

Devon County Council’s main contractor is EE however where coverage is an issue a few phones are with other network providers

2. Annual Average Spend for each Network Provider – provide the average annual spend over the last 3 years. If this is a new contract provide the estimated annual spend.  

Over the last three financial years the average annual spend was £344k

3. Number of Connections – number of connections for each network provider. (number of voice only devices, voice and data devices, data only devices) provide the breakdown and not the overall total.  

Current connections (EE):

396 Voice and text only subscriptions

680 Data only subscriptions

3,210 Voice, text and data subscriptions

The number of connections with other providers are purchased on an ad-hoc basis therefore this information is not known

4. Duration of the contract – state if the contract also includes contract extensions for each provider.  

Initial 2-year term completed now on a rolling 30-day contract. Current contract is with EE 

5. Contract Start Date – provide the start date of the signed agreement. Do not provide the framework contract date, the contract dates of the signed agreement are required. (if there are multiple start dates, provide the earliest date for each provider) 

Refer to response above in question 4

6. Contract Expiry Date – provide the expiry date of the signed agreement. Do not provide the framework contract date, the contract dates of the signed agreement are required.  If the contract is rolling, please state.  

Refer to response above in question 4

7. Contract Review Date – provide a date when the organisation plans to review this contract. 

Currently under review

8. The person in the organisation responsible for this particular contract. The full contact details, Contact Name, Job Title, Contact Number and direct email address for each network provider? If full contact details cannot be provided, include actual job title.

Gavin Punchard, Procurement Category Manager, telephone: 01392 383000 email:

9. If the mobile phone contract is provided by a managed contract provide the actual name of the network provider along with the number of connections and the internal contact from within the organisation responsible for this contract.  

We require a clearer definition of what a managed contract is, therefore, we are unable to answer this question

Provide the latest information – If the organisations are currently out to tender, state the approximate date of the award along with the information above. 

Contract under review

Also if the contract in the response has expired/rolling provide further information if available of the organisation’s plans going forward with regards to mobiles and the current status?

Contract is under review Devon County Council are working closely with the current supplier

If this contract was awarded within the past three months provide a shortlist of suppliers that bid on the contract?

Not applicable