Online schooling – enrolled and cost

How many pupils are currently enrolled and the cost to the council per pupil charged from inter high?

In the 2018-2019 academic year, the Inclusion Service of Devon County Council has arranged online GCSE or A-Level packages with InterHigh for a total of 11 pupils, of whom 4 have cancelled their packages and 7 are still enrolled as of 27th May 2019.

Devon County Council has paid a total of £32,395 for these packages. The fees of one package that was cancelled were rolled over to fund a place for our latest referral, for whom we paid InterHigh an administration fee of £50.

For the remaining 10 pupils, after deducting the fee of £50, this is therefore an average of £3,234.50 per pupil.

Apart from these fees, there are additional expenses for some of the students who are taking exams this year, namely agreed exam revision fees for one child and exam registration fees for another pupil who has chosen InterHigh’s venue as her exam centre. These additional expenses payable to InterHigh total £400.

I would also appreciate information as to the set up for the pupil with regards to the code used for their daily attendance registration mark.

• All but two of our referrals are young people over 16 years old; no daily attendance registration marks are required for them.

• If a child is electively home-educated, their attendance registration marks are not recorded.

Are pupils assigned to a Devon high school and each school pays inter high once they receive their central government funding for pupils in September or does inter high invoice the council directly.

Devon County Council pays the package fees directly to InterHigh as and when a new package is agreed.

Can you confirm whether Devon County Council restricts inter high provision for pupils with known social, emotional and medical conditions or is it potentially an option for all who wish to access it.

Apart from exceptional cases, the packages we set up are exclusively for young people who were aged 16 and over, no longer in compulsory education, with medical/mental health/emotional needs, who have been referred to the Inclusion Service by Careers South West.

In order to access a GCSE/A-Level package with InterHigh, an application must be made and medical evidence be submitted to the Inclusion Service Medical Panel. All requests are discussed by our medical panel, which includes CAHMs professionals, education psychologists, wellbeing advisors and inclusion officers. Approved applications are then submitted to InterHigh, who will then produce a quote that will be approved by the senior inclusion officer.