OLM Eclipse System

I understand, from previous FOI requests that the Council is in the process of moving from Carefirst to a new social care system called Eclipse, also supplied by OLM.

1)    Can you confirm whether this is correct? If so, is this for children’s social care, adult social care or both?

Yes, for Childrens Social Care only.

2)    In each case (children’s and adults), please confirm the current status of the work, in one of the following categories – no decision made / decision made to move to Eclipse / contract signed / implementation started

Implementation has commenced for roll out of Eclipse in Childrens Social Care.

3)    Please provide details of any comparative evaluation work undertaken, prior to the decision to move to Eclipse.

We do not have the information that has been requested.  Some initial soft market testing was undertaking to understand what was available from the market however. This is an upgrade to an existing system and we have an existing contractual arrangement with the supplier.