Old Chard Road, Cotleigh, Repair and Inspection Records


 “Under the Act, please supply me with copies of both repair and inspection records relating to the road known as Old Chard Road between Royal Oak Cross, Cotleigh and Three Mariners Cross between 1st September 2016 and 31st December 2017.”


Please note that this is a Category 7 – ‘Collector’ Road which is inspected six monthly.  Carriageway safety inspection dates for the period specified were 23 January 2017 and 26 July 2017.

Carriageway safety inspections are undertaken on a driven basis, with a driver and inspector, at a speed enabling the inspector to observe road surface condition and other associated defects.

The intended frequency of carriageway safety inspections is provided in the table below:-

Maintenance Category Frequency
3 National Primary route 1 month
4 County Primary route 1 month
5 Secondary County route 1 month
6 Local distributor 6 month
7 Collector road 6 month
8 Minor collector road annual
9 Service road annual
10 Minor service road annual
11 Minor lane Every 2 years

Repair and inspection records are provided here and here

The defect investigatory criteria adopted in relation to the identification of carriageway safety potholes on all inspected categories of road during safety inspections is as follows:-

“Carriageway Defect – Pothole – A pothole (sharp edged depression or void) is a safety defect when it is over 40 mm deep and it is greater than 300mm in any horizontal direction.”

The time period adopted between identification and repair (temporary and permanent) of all categories of carriageway defects is provided below:-

This relates to carriageway potholes:

Maintenance Category 3 to 6

Immediate Action – Record.

Temporary Action – fill within 24 hours.

Permanent repair within 7 days if permanent material has not been used under previous action.

Maintenance Category 7 to 10

Immediate Action – Record.

Temporary Action – Nil.

Permanent repair within 7 days