Number of Potholes identified and repaired

“Please provide the following. The time range I am interested in is for each of the three years 2015, 2016 and 2017:-

The number of potholes identified in the local authority.

The total number of potholes within the local authority area is impossible to determine. Whilst we can provide the below figures, which represent the number of potholes picked up during routine safety inspections and those reported by members of the public, the number of reports alone does not reflect the actual number of potholes because some potholes will be reported multiple times, some reports will be of multiple potholes, some reports will be of defects that do not meet the national criteria, and some reports refer to defects on roads or car parks that are not within this Council’s jurisdiction.

Please find below the number of potholes reported to the Council, as outlined above, based on financial years:-

2014/15 – 53,080
2015/16 – 49,325
2016/17 – 60,639

The number of potholes identified by the local authority that were not filled during the given year.”

Devon County Council (DCC) does not hold data for the number of potholes that were not filled. However, please find below the number of potholes actually repaired for the period in question.

2014/15 – 54,667
2015/16 – 51,227
2016/17 – 62,012