Notices of Review of Minerals Permission

1) How many Notices of Review of Minerals Permission have been served by, or by other parties on behalf of, Devon County Council on site operators and land owners at quarries in the county of Devon, since the legislation has allowed for periodic reviews of mineral sites up to today’s date? Namely from 04 October 1995, when the Environment Act 1995 set out period reviews of minerals sites, to date of this request for information.

2) With reference to above, what are the names and locations/addresses of the Devon quarries that have been subjects to Notices of Review of Minerals Permission?

3) With reference to both questions above, please supply copies of Notices served, including such Notices served electronically, for example including the body copy and text content of email, as well as such Notices served by physical letters.

4) What system is in place within Devon County Council or within any of its appropriate relevant departments, agencies or agents, to service such Notices to ensure their accuracy, validity and compliance with law and planning regulations? Is there procedure or protocol in place, and if so, what is this?

5) Does the serving of a Notice for ROMP involve or require a member of Devon Planning Department’s legal team, for example for oversight or approval?


Please see the response from Devon County Council via the link below:

Devon County Council response